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Learning #Spark from @OReillyMedia – Look no further for definitive guide to big data analytics with Apache Spark


The following book review is about the Early Release (Raw & Unedited) version of the book Learning Spark: Lightning-Fast Big Data Analytics from O’Reilly. I was reading the book in the mobi format on Kindle Paperwhite. It was a review copy from O’Reilly. tl;dr Read the book if you’re curious about Apache Spark and are […]

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Getting into Akka (and other Scala open source projects) by sbt

sbt once simple is Scala now (and simple, too?) Once I reached a certain level of confidence in my understanding of sbt, I’ve looked around for open source projects that use sbt as their build tool in order to get more insight on how much we could help each other. I’ve found quite a few […]

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Comments about sbt 1.0 – The Interactive Build Tool by Josh Suereth

There’s a bunch of video recordings from the NE Scala 2014 and I couldn’t resist to comment on Sbt 1.0 – The Interactive Build Tool by Josh Suereth. It’s 23 minutes about what’s coming in sbt 1.0 and the future of

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What a pleasant experience – reading Pro Git book in Readmill on Samsung Galaxy S3

I keep trying out different approaches to absorb knowledge. I’m on GitHub to learn git and get skilled in a new way of software development which I call social development with people and projects I would’ve never been part of otherwise. Same for StackOverflow or twitter – yes, you’re reading it right – twitter – that can be […]

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project and projects commands in sbt

While reviewing the source code of sbt, I stumbled upon sbt.CommandStrings. I’d swear I’d been looking at the class so many times yet it was only today when I noticed how powerful the commands – projects and project – are. Even the official documentation of sbt is almost silent on the commands. I simply couldn’t […]

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Trying out different development environments for Scala – Sublime Text 3 + REPL in iTerm

I am still unsure about the right development environment for my Scala developments. At work it’s the very latest version of IntelliJ IDEA 13 with the Scala plugin (Windows 7) while at home I’m trying out other setups (Mac OS X). IDEA’s too much at times. I can’t seem to get fully up to speed with […]

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Importing sbt-based project to IntelliJ IDEA 13 (with sbt-idea, Scala 2.11 and sbt 0.12)

Just as in How to create SBT project with IntelliJ Idea? on StackOverflow I needed to import a sbt-managed project – scalaz – into IntelliJ IDEA. With my configuration – Scala 2.11.0-M3 and sbt 0.12.4 – the answers to the question on StackOverflow were often misleading and hence the blog post. jacek:~/oss/scalaz $ sbt gen-idea […]

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Twitter stats of mine: 4680 tweets, 360 following and 900 followers

Today’s a round-number-only day on Twitter. I’ve managed to attract 900 followers to let them hear what’s important to me (4680 tweets) by following 360 people (as well as using some other means of self-learning). With 900 followers I’m tempted to think that people think I’ve got something to say. I wish it could always […]

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git init, add and commit or checkout for programming assignments (at Coursera and beyond)

The project I’m assigned to requires the team to migrate an application to IBM Business Process Manager Advanced V8 platform. It takes time to make that happened and I’ve been struggling with reverting unnecessary changes during the migration. The process of introducing a change, testing it, reverting or reviewing the list of already-made changes has […]

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IntelliJ IDEA 12.1 on Java 7 on Mac OS X still experimental?

With Java 8 coming and Java 6 unsupported it’s quite surprising to find out that Java 7 is still not yet on a par with the mentioned versions for many tools. I’ve been a passive user of IntelliJ IDEA for quite some time now, and I remember I made a few attempts to become more […]

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