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Gaining experience with fault handling in WS-BPEL 2.0 business processes

I’ve been assigned a task to migrate legacy Oracle WebLogic Integration (JPD) business processes to IBM Business Process Manager 8.0 Advanced (WS-BPEL 2.0). The task has been to migrate fault handling in a JPD business process to a BPM one. Unlike WLI in which “Custom Java code is an essential part of every Oracle WebLogic […]

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IBM Process Server Advanced 8.0 profile created and ready for process development

After a day, I’ve an IBM BPM Advanced 8 profile created, but am still scratching my head when I try to figure out why. I had a Process Center profile and wasn’t able to create a Process Server one. Once I installed a new WAS 8.0 with the Advanced augmentation (a separate Package Group in […]

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No joy with IBM BPM 8.0 Advanced: Process Server stand-alone profile creation

As much as I love the product IBM Business Process Manager 8.0 Advanced (formerly WebSphere Process Server) I hate it, especially when it reports errors I can’t fix right away. I need a profile for some migration efforts from WebLogic Integration (WLI) and without much knowledge I assumed a profile creation should just work – […]

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