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New adventures with functional languages in financial sector

It’s a bit over a year when I wrote “p.s. I felt in love with functional programming with Clojure and F# so much that I could very likely consider a job as a team leader or a lead developer, too.”. It’s amazing how time flies by quickly and how much I should watch my words […]

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Introduction to Web Application Development in Clojure at JEEConf in Kiev, Ukraine

The slides from my presentation about web application development in Clojure (with Ring, Compojure and Enlive) at JEEConf in Kiev, Ukraine are now available at Slideshare and awaiting your comments. The presentation from the first day of the conference about functional programming in Scala is available on Slideshare, too and I would appreciate if you […]

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About Functional Web Architecture (with Ring and Compojure) by James Reeves

SkillsMatter has published the Functional Web Architecture talk by James Reeves some time ago, but it was only today when I found a few spare cycles to sink into it. I’ve been working with Ring for quite some time yet explaining how handlers/middleware work has never been easy. James speaks about Ring’s handlers and middleware, […]

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Single pull request can make a difference in your learning of Clojure

It did for me a few times already. Learning a new programming language involves many techniques to become proficient in its use – reading books, katas, reading others’ source code and finally using the language on a daily basis, hopefully in a commercial project with other geeks who’re already familiar with the concepts and can […]

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Wanna learn Clojure? What about writing a plugin for Leiningen!

There are many reasons to learn a new programming language and Clojure might be one of the New Year’s resolutions. It’s still one of mine. It could be yours, but you might be suffering from the many initial troubles people usually face when learning new language – a lack of a project where the language […]

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Erroneous behavior of m-lift in clojure.algo.monads?! No, it’s only me…again!

I’m back to algo.monads. I can’t remember how much time I’ve already devoted to the library and the topic of monads in general, but I’m sure it took me already a couple of weeks and still whenever I’m back to algo.monads I find something interesting. Today I thought I found a bug in m-lift macro […]

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pBook Reading List of Mine

This is my current reading list of printed books for the days to come. I’ll post reviews. What’s yours? What other books do you think would be valuable?

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Experiencing beauty of thread macro in Clojure

While studying the Union-Find algorithm during the Algorithms, Part I course at coursera.org, I developed some functions to help me understand the topic in practice. Here’s a list of 10 consecutive numbers and the union function with its application. (def ids (range 10)) (defn union [ids p q]   (let [pid (nth ids p)   […]

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A Decimal to Roman Numeral converter in Clojure

I stumbled upon the blog entry A Decimal to Roman Numeral converter in just a few lines where a Clojure function with loop/recur was presented. The solution was very concise yet it used loop/recur which I decided to replace with the functional trio – map, reduce and filter. I knew I could make it, but […]

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A sample of Clojure destructuring from a blog post revisited

Reading blogs can be so thought-provoking. I did experience it today after having read Paul Sanwald’s clojure basics: argument destructuring. It’s so short and easy to follow that I read it a couple of times. I seem to not like it much, as it left me wondering how to improve the code. What stroke me […]

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