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leiningen’s sources for some, comp and partial

When I stumbled upon the line (some (comp :repositories val) user-profiles) (it’s now gone, but it existed at that time it’d happened and I’d submitted a patch) I knew I should’ve read the sources long ago. I was told a few times that reading a source code might be very beneficial and I’d bet leiningen’s […]

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Exclude dependencies from uberjar in leiningen 2

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Fully asynchronous processing model with the callback agent in Clojure

The article Agents in Clojure is pretty old, i.e. “Created 24.12.2009”, and often incorrect, i.e. “Submitting a task to an agent must be done in a transacted section (dosync)” so use with a great care, but nevertheless inspired me to try out the fully asynchronous processing model with the callback agent. The example is to […]

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A Java actor library for parallel execution? Isn’t it Clojure?!

While reading the article A Java actor library for parallel execution, I’ve been wondering if and how it could be achieved in Clojure. Since Clojure provides concurrency abstractions: vars, atoms, agents and refs, it should be easily doable. From the section “Actor concurrency on the Java platform”: “Actor-based systems make parallel processing easier to code […]

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Navigate to Definition or F3 in Eclipse counterclockwise

I believe I lost many people’s attention during my live coding sessions with Clojure and the Eclipse plugin for Clojure development – counterclockwise as I used to not get the feature Navigate to Definition or just hovering over a symbol with the Cmd key working in Eclipse. I didn’t care much as Eclipse was an […]

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Experience in Clojure develops steadily – incompetence still prevails

I’m developing a security layer for the librarian-clojure project and stumbled upon an issue that I could hardly diagnose. Ultimately it turned out not a complicated issue which however took me almost a day to sort out. Incompetence prevailed. Have a look at the following code and try to figure out why the result is […]

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OpenJDK 1.8.0-jdk8-b35 seems to break Leiningen 2

Is it only me experiencing an issue with running the most recent build of Leiningen 2 with the recent OpenJDK 8 x64-lambda JDK with Lambda from jdk8 branch (b35) (OpenJDK-OSX-8-x64-lambda-jdk-b35-20120507) on Mac OS X? With the version of OpenJDK selected in the Java Preferences, lein2 finishes with a stacktrace. Here’s the full log of the […]

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How F# helped me to appreciate Clojure’s reduce to traverse data structures (XMLs)

I’ve no doubt that the book Real-World Functional Programming – With examples in F# and C# by Tomas Petricek and Jon Skeet will make me a better functional programmer and have often found it very enlightening. I haven’t done with its reading, but my meetup with it won’t finish once read. It’s too valuable to […]

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Reversi in Clojure…functional

Reversi in Clojure w/ Three Alternative User Interfaces is the type of blog entries I enjoy the most – it inspired me to think about functional programming in Clojure and found it a great “platform” to work on my understanding of Clojure’s way to functional programming. I hope I didn’t mess it up and am […]

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Java EE and Clojure on Allegro RoadShow in Torun

Clojure makes my life so much fun! I’ve recently been invited for a talk about my current interests in functional programming during Allegro RoadShow in Torun and chose Clojure with Java EE 6 as the topic to present. It has been an event where an employee of Allegro – *the* e-commerce company in Poland – […]

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