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“What if I had” vs “As I have” – “observables” on data streams before the kid falls asleep

It has just struck me when I was putting my 2-year kid to bed… My professional career as a software developer was mainly zoomed in on what I’ve already had here and now with little to no use cases where I’d have had to compose computations that’d be realised at a moment in the future when I’d […]

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How F# helped me to appreciate Clojure’s reduce to traverse data structures (XMLs)

I’ve no doubt that the book Real-World Functional Programming – With examples in F# and C# by Tomas Petricek and Jon Skeet will make me a better functional programmer and have often found it very enlightening. I haven’t done with its reading, but my meetup with it won’t finish once read. It’s too valuable to […]

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Clojure and me at devCrowd.pl

The past Saturday I was on devCrowd.pl in Szczecin, Poland where I ran two sessions about Clojure as a functional programming language to develop web applications. I don’t have slides to share as they were (supposed to have been) live coding sessions about what Clojure can offer for web development. The first session was after […]

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Teaching programming language concepts with F#

Remember when I told you about the idea of listening to recordings as taking a walk with my 3-month-old son? Today I watched the other two video recordings about F# (aka fsharp) on the Channel 9 website which I doubt I’d have found spare time otherwise. Teaching programming language concepts with F#, part 1 Teaching […]

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