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What a pleasant experience – reading Pro Git book in Readmill on Samsung Galaxy S3

I keep trying out different approaches to absorb knowledge. I’m on GitHub to learn git and get skilled in a new way of software development which I call social development with people and projects I would’ve never been part of otherwise. Same for StackOverflow or twitter – yes, you’re reading it right – twitter – that can be […]

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git init, add and commit or checkout for programming assignments (at Coursera and beyond)

The project I’m assigned to requires the team to migrate an application to IBM Business Process Manager Advanced V8 platform. It takes time to make that happened and I’ve been struggling with reverting unnecessary changes during the migration. The process of introducing a change, testing it, reverting or reviewing the list of already-made changes has […]

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git tags are so simple to use

After a session with git and a browser as a means of presenting the results I’ve been so much carried away that I felt a need to demo it. And here it comes – a screencast “git tags are so simple to use”. It’s a very short, 4-minute screencast in which I’m practicing git tags […]

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How I learnt git pull requests

That was an amazing experience that ultimately turned into a git pull request into Midje – a test framework for Clojure. I’m working on a side project – librarian-clojure – which aims at providing a CRUD-like web application to manage books and when a colleague Konrad Garus cloned it to his own repo where he […]

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