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Dynamically redefining classpath in Clojure REPL

In my previous blog entry Clojure for module development in Google Guice? I presented a way to start Guice from within Clojure REPL. It was fun and turned out easy (yet possibly irrelevant for most people). It however paved the way for creating the new self-learning environment of mine. The idea is to learn Guice […]

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AbstractModule.bindConstant(), @Inject and @Named in Google Guice

I’ve recently come across the bindConstant() method of com.google.inject.AbstractModule. I had a vague idea of its use and value, and decided to google it. I was looking for some code examples and got really surprised when it took me quite a while until I was finally able to find one at Guice: Difference between Binder#bindConstant() […]

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Clojure for module development in Google Guice?

I’ve been learning Clojure for some time and been meaning to use it for development with Java EE. So far, I’ve been unable to find anything very inspiring and stumbled upon Google Guice. One reason to learn dynamic languages like Clojure, Scala or Groovy is that they’re dynamic and can still run on JVM. That’s […]

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